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About us – Strings Media


Our team has years of experience working with
small and large brands in UK and Internationally.

about us

Our Expertise

We have the cultural expertise to make your message cut through the noise and hit home with the ethnic minorities you need to reach.
It is all about creative thinking, insightful strategies and pinpoint media planning alongside some aggressive media buying.
Each community operates within its own cultural, social and political milieu.
A message that resonates within Indian community may simply not be heard by the African.
And a campaign that will hit home with the third generation Bangladeshi or Pakistani community may have to be positioned very differently if it is to have an impact on their first generation counterparts.
We know this…, and we will get it right for you.


Why choose strings media?

KNOWLEDGE: Nobody understands ethnic markets in the UK and Europe as well as we do. Whatever your product, we will know where you need to be advertising it in order to not just build brand awareness, but to convert that awareness into sales.

SKILL: Our analytical tools mean we can create a finely tuned campaign that will optimize your media planning, getting you the maximum ROI.

POWER: Our links with outdoor and online media owners, and print publications and broadcasters means that whatever route you decide to go up on, we can get you the best deal.

Get the message across…

Billboards or TV or radio and news articles or Facebook. There’s never been more ways to reach consumers but that doesn’t mean that all of these mediums are going to work for your brand. Whatever your message, we’ll get it out there in the right way, and with maximum impact.

“They delivered over and above our expectations, and we quickly saw our advertising spend converted into sales.”

Chris Levieng
Director Marketing, Lycra Group

Meet The Team

United Kingdom

Tahawur Jafri
Chief Executive

Saira Zehra
Director Client Services

Claire Mclaughlin
Head Of Digital Media & Marketing

Adnan Khan
Commercial & Finance Manager

Uzma Nawaz
Content Writer


Imran Shah
Director Pakistan

Turkey & North Cyprus

Ozgun Ozke
Director Operations – Turkey

Yagmur Yalcinkaya
Marketing Manager – Turkey

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