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Digital Advertising – Strings Media


We will transmit your message to all your targeted cultural veins.

If you want to use online advertising to target a discrete – grouping, you need to know where that target band is. We will transmit your message to all your targeted cultural veins.

Big-name sites may boast billions of hits per day, but if they’re not where your niche market is visiting, you won’t see results.

We at Strings Media know this – and we will tap the online market to find the best sites, the best forums, the best social media platforms, and the best way to harness the power of online advertising opportunities in order to cost-effectively reach your target markets.

What’s more, to ensure that you and your customers are talking the same language, we can provide creative solutions upon request for your campaigns that will speak to the audience in their own language.

Who We Work With

To use online advertising effectively, you need to really understand the cultural milieu of your target market.

Sadly, this means that many advertising agencies may be able to name a few big ethnic media players, they are simply not aware of many of the sites that perform best with ethnic communities in the UK and Europe.

At Strings, we use our in-depth knowledge of the demographic markets we target to identify the websites and mobile apps that are most-visited and most downloaded by specific ethnic Diaspora in the UK and elsewhere.

And once we have identified the websites that will perform best for your campaign, we’ll work with international media partners to build your brand the presence it needs.

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